news march15 2019 for copt4G.
14.03.2019 18:17
Church News in English
news march15 2019 for copt4G.
حجم الخط

News of the blessed Friday of March 15, 2019 corresponding to 6 Baramhat 1735 for the martyrs of the World Copts broadcast (holy holy fast trip): News of the Church locally: a statement issued by the Committee of the Episcopal Affairs of the Holy Synod announces their love and their full pride in the Holy Mass and the complete rejection of rumors (2) ... His Holiness Pope Twaddroos II +++ In his feast .. The inauguration of an altar on the name of St. Paul Cyrilos Pedashna +++ Siama priest at the Atheism Church +++ News of the Church Worldwide: The New Pontiff of Eastern Canada His Father's Office Rev. Paulus Barramossi +++ March 22. The Theater of St. Ruiz Istz P show "happened on this day," +++ 6 bishops participating Alexandria Copts celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Father Bishoy Kamel +++

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