news december 8 for copt4G
07.12.2017 12:35
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news december 8 for copt4G
حجم الخط

News of the blessed Friday of December 8, 2017 AD 29 Hattour 1733 for the martyrs of the World Copts: News of the Church locally: Coptic Center for Leadership and Administration in the Synod of the Priests of Samalot +++ Stories of Life (20) ..... I lived 1000 years of His Holiness the Pope Tawdroos II +++ Eve and Feast of the Feast of the Martyr Mar Bakhtar Kharja +++, which satisfies the Creator ... A new number of the magazine Alkraza +++ Menia churches remember "Tharwat Basili" in the Masses +++ Libyan sources: Copts accused in 2007 of intercession With the Mossad +++ The leader of the Coptic Orthodox Church of the Holy Land calls on the Church to activate the decision to prevent the visit of Jerusalem ++ + News of the Church of the World: The end of the visit of His Grace Bishop Rafael to the Kingdom of Bahrain +++ His Excellency Bishop Rafael visits Iraq ++ renew our days as old .... Holy Holiness Pope's program for the development of ecclesiastical education on the 10th of Ramadan +++

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