news monday october4 by copt4g
03.10.2020 22:10
Church News in English
news monday october4 by copt4g
حجم الخط

News on Sunday, October 4, 2020 AD corresponding to Tut 24, 1737 for the martyrs prepared by the Coptic Radio of the World: Church news locally: On the occasion of the 58th anniversary of its founding ... His Holiness the Pope receives a delegation of the Bishopric of Services +++ His Holiness the Pope receives the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary +++ His Holiness The Pope receives the wives of priests in central Alexandria +++ Conference of the officials and supervisors of nurseries in Atfih +++ Honoring the superior of the Diocese of Tama +++ Anba Pfnutius paints 3 new priests in Samalut +++ Monastery of Saint Gerges in Rizeigat reveals the truth about the cancellation of birth celebrations +++ News of the Church worldwide Deacon ordainer and graduation of a batch of ministerial preparations at St. Mark's Church in the Netherlands +++ The Pope approves the resignation of the representative of the Melbourne Archdiocese, Archbishop Gerges El Antony, +++ Pope Tawadros issues a decision to assign Monk Arsanyus to travel to Manchester +++

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