News on Saturday June15 2019 by copt4G
15.06.2019 02:49
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News on Saturday  June15 2019 by copt4G
حجم الخط

News of the blessed Saturday of June 15, 2019, corresponding to 8 Bouna 1735 for the martyrs of the preparation of the Copts World Radio: News of the Church locally: Decisions and recommendations of the Holy Synod session June 2019 +++ The Holy Synod recognizes the Monastery of Anba Hermina in Assiut +++ Officially .. Orthodox Church recognizes B3 Monasteries in the final session of the Holy Synod +++ The Monastery of Abu Seifin in Ancient Egypt receives the Copts to celebrate the feast of his patron .... Next Sunday +++ Pope Tawadros Adopts the new image of St. Joseph Michael Michael +++ The unified personal status law of the Copts returns to square 0 ++ +

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