news january12 for copt4G.
11.01.2019 15:49
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news january12 for copt4G.
حجم الخط

News on Saturday, blessed January 12, 2019 M 4 tuba 1735 the partners of the preparation with Coptic World : News local church : the pastor of the Church of the Blessed Virgin men gets International Fellowship +++ looking to get a master's degree for a message titled Convent of the virgins of the Coptic +++ church delegation receives the Foreign Minister of the American Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ +++ the minister of Foreign Affairs to the American expresses his admiration for what has been achieved from the completion of the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ in the Capital Management +++ the allocation of land to create 37 the Church of the new cities during the 4 years +++ 


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