news Saturday, August 15, 2020 by copt4g
14.08.2020 19:17
Church News in English
news Saturday, August 15, 2020  by copt4g
حجم الخط

News on the blessed Saturday, August 15, 2020 AD corresponding to the 9th of Masra 1736 for the martyrs prepared by the Coptic Radio of the World: News of the Church locally: The meeting of the Council of the Seminar of Theological College in Cairo +++ The Church commemorates the third anniversary of the departure of Anba Kyrollos, Bishop of Milan +++ "Oh, tenderly Shelley, Corona" .. Anba Yannis asks for the intercession of the Virgin. +++ The conclusion of the fast of the Virgin on August 22nd .. And the Pope presides over the Eid mass with Anba Bishoy +++

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