news february11 for copt4G.
10.02.2019 16:53
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news february11 for copt4G.
حجم الخط

News on Monday, blessed February 11, 2019 Dec 4 Amshir 1735 the partners of the preparation with Copts in the world : news of the church locally : His Holiness the pope participate in the sixth anniversary of the founding Council of the churches of Egypt +++ "the literature of the Coptic" .. the ninth International Conference Foundation St. Mark's to document the heritage of the Coptic +++ honoring the 600 graduates of the effects of the servants of the table +++ 4 new priests ordination was held his art +++ 6482 of talented Christians and Muslims....In the reveal the discovery of a talented office +++ 1500 child....In the carnival Cup Bianco for the children "X" +++ disclaimer from the area of Minya abuses on the pages of the suspicious handle name need not Page the official does not broadcast false information + + + + + + disclaimer from the monastery of the Marghera photo of the monks better about not having any pages to draw him on social media +++ February 16.. Anba Makarios comes back from his pastoral visit in Canada +++ the return of the second semester of the school F Pavle the +++ the start of trial accused of bombing the Church of St. Mina Helwan +++ postponed the trial of 11 accused of bombing the Church of St. Mina +++ Church, Pope Shenouda used the first Clinics of the hospital. + + + 


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