news Saturday, August 22, 2020 by copt4g
21.08.2020 18:05
Church News in English
news Saturday, August 22, 2020  by copt4g
حجم الخط

News on the blessed Saturday, August 22, 2020 AD corresponding to the 16th of Masra 1736 for the martyrs prepared by the Coptic Radio of the World: Church news locally: new monks and priestly ordinances of the Monastery of the Archangel Gabriel in Mount El-Naqloun and the Saint Macarius of Alexandria in Birya Al-Rayyan in Fayoum and the issuance of an electronic dictionary application for the Coptic language +++ Mass on the occasion of Feast of the Assumption at the Great Sahrajet Church in the Dead Ghamr +++ Leadership and filmmaking workshops from the media center and "future leaders" +++ Social welfare "Agape Program" .... Bishopric of public, social and ecumenical services +++ Celebration of the Archideacon's departure Habib Gerges + ++ Thousands of Copts participate in the celebrations of the Virgin Monastery in Dernka today, Friday +++ Attending masses without prior reservation in a number of Beni Suef churches +++ The death of the son of Fr. Angelos Isaac, Secretary of Pope Tawadros +++ “The Second Heaven” .. By Anba Jeremiah ++ + Church news worldwide: Signing a contract for a new church and center for the Bishopric of America and Canada Youth +++ Two new nuns for the Nuns Monastery in Ohio +++ Coptic news locally: Conflicting reactions and Coptic controversy about George Babawi’s handling of the sacraments +++ Coptic sheikhs deputy rejects To celebrate his victory for the death of the light candidate in Beni Suef +++ Doctor of Ghalaba Dr. Issam Tadros reveals the details of his rescue from death: The calls of the poor worked a miracle +++ Victor Farouk: I dream of an international movie about Pope Shenouda (dialogue) +++

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