news july12 for copt4G.
11.07.2018 12:23
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news july12 for copt4G.
حجم الخط

News on Thursday the Blessed 12 July 2018 m 5 Aviv 1733 partners (the Feast of the martyrdom of Saints Peter and Paul \ mushroom the fast of the apostles ) of preparation with Copts in the world : news of the church locally : (follow me) a new application in French +++ opening of the auction let the martyrs of Libya +++ note the media center of the Coptic Orthodox to the non-possession of His Holiness Pope tawadros II to any accounts Facebook only official account +++ St. Mark in the first dialogue after his assumption of the presidency of the Council elect: We'll list 2016 in free sex personal +++ administrator Commission to revive the path of the Holy Family delegations from India, the Philippines, and Italy to Egypt. + + + day of prayer on the street the Church of St. Mina in imbaba +++ news of the church universal : the saints and witnesses of the church ....The greatness of Wednesday from "the Virgin" at Vienna +++ His Holiness the Pope knows the details of his visit to the Vatican ......In the Sermon on the Sunday of "the Virgin" at Vienna +++ His Holiness the Pope attributed to the General Staff Fathi Cosmas.....In the Sermon on the Sunday of "the Virgin" at Vienna +++ 


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