news april17 for copt4G
16.04.2018 11:31
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news april17 for copt4G
حجم الخط

News of the Blessed Tuesday, April 17, 2018, corresponding to 9 Broumouda 1733 for the martyrs (the Holy Five) by the Copts of the World: News of the Church locally: Stories of Life (30) ... "Roses and Nuns" The Pope receives the Ambassadors of the Asian countries +++ His Holiness the Pope receives the members of the "National Elections" +++ Preparatory meeting for the "Sunday Schools Sunday" committee +++ Departure Fakhl priest in the parish of Gerga the priest Mina the priest Morkos priest of the Church of the Martyr Abu Seifin Zuwtana Navy +++ A failed attempt to break into the Martyr Marj Church Bishop Wissa arrives at New York airport for pastoral visit +++ Coptic News: Local News: Copts in Minya consider the case of the disgrace of the lady of the vineyard and the claim of a civilian B 101 thousand pounds +++

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