news october12 for copt4G.
11.10.2018 18:03
Church News in English
news october12 for copt4G.
حجم الخط

News Holy Friday 12 October 2018 M corresponding to the 2 door. 1735 the partners of the preparation with Copts in the world : 

News of the church locally : 

150 priest and 3000 server .. "server student" the numbness away abort +++ painter 80 a deacon in the school of deacons been Samalut +++ celebrating the martyrdom of Saints Abadir and his sister Assiut +++ five goussous get New been Shoubra Al Khaimah +++ the workshop training of the regiment the first of the project "1000 teacher, church" +++ the inauguration of the Church of St. mark the apostle with a pile YLE +++ "so we build the" network of the Diocese of Lake +++ 2600 in the festival counterpoint and ceremony for outstanding study entitled "Be Grateful to 2018" .....Ten Abu big +++ the government continues to legalize 120 church with satisfy the requirements of Civil Protection +++ government exist to facilitate the procedures for civil protection of the churches inhalers +++ urgent ... death row for 17 accused and life. 19 in the case of "burn the churches" +++ the governor of the Lake agrees to help the Holy Family in Wadi al-Natrun +++

News of the church universal :

His Holiness the pope arrives in San Francisco +++ the word Holiness Pope during a meeting as soon as the priests of the churches of San Francisco and their wives, + + + His Holiness the pope of the Church of the Virgin made Concord +++, however, the holiness of the pope's ordination as a priest two United States +++

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