news august11 for copt4G.
10.08.2018 11:56
Church News in English
news august11 for copt4G.
حجم الخط

News on Saturday, blessed August 11, 2018 Dec 5 electrode 1733 partners of preparation with Copts in the world : news of the church locally : Pope tawadros of the people of the church: "purity of the monks of your own" +++ Pope tawadros: no man is above error +++ referral of the murder of the head of the monastery of anba County Prosecutor connected the resumption of Alexandria +++ bakri: Call of Pope tawadros in the preservation of the church +++ the nature of the Monk less detector developments the state of his health: "Prosecution response to the 6 hours" +++ the Monk Bach the world are aware of the causes of delayed closure of his Facebook page +++ 


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