news may17 for copt4G.
16.05.2018 12:34
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news may17 for copt4G.
حجم الخط

News on Thursday, May 17, 2018, corresponding to 9 Beshnas 1733 for the martyrs (holy martyrs), prepared by Radio Copts of the World: News of the Church locally: the eve and feast of St. Athanasius and the beautification of his remains in his church in Kafour, Mtay +++ Sohag celebrates the centennial of Sunday schools +++ His Holiness Pope Tawadros II of the Martyrs' Families: Give your children the courage of the martyrs and how they clung to their faith. Go to the sky +++ Candidates to succeed Bishop Raphael Secretary of the Holy Synod +++ St. Takla Church Participates in Ashmoun Celebration by Ramadan +++ Egyptian family "Fayoum: the return of the remains of the martyrs of Egypt in Libya R. A message to the world that we are not overstretched in our sons +++ Abba Estephanos "Our martyrs in Libya, despite their west, remained in the integrity and spiritual vigilance +++

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